Ajax file upload and progress

How about using a single button to perform so many tasks at a time ? In this tutorial I will show how to customize a simple button to perform upload action and show its progress. Since it is a simple html button type, it is very simple to put css to that button. Lets learn Ajax file upload and progress.

Ajax file upload and progress
Ajax file upload and progress

Create your button

Add a div container to show image path

Show progress bar

Use Ajax file upload and progress

I dynamically created a virtual button then assigned its properties before uploading.  I then added a onchange event to it to start the upload process. Then I dynamically appended the button to somewhere within body. Then dynamically clicked the button and finally removed it. Here starts Ajax file upload and progress.

Write php code to receive the file

Using above code it is possible to show progress of a file and add css to beautify it. Please subscribe to this blog and share your ideas too. Thanks 🙂