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How To Install Steam on Ubuntu 16

This post will show you how to install Steam on Ubuntu 16 Now, before you say it, I know. You’re reading this Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 06/14/2018

Magento Full Page Cache Varnish Cache comparison

After the release of Magento Full Page Cache  extension many clients started asking us what makes our extension better than Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 05/30/2018

How to Fix Magento Login Issues with Cookies and Sessions

  Database Allowing sessions to store themselves in the database is done in /app/etc/local.xml by adding. Magento applications store sessions Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 05/21/2018

8 Tips for Improving Bootstrap Accessibility

A few years ago, I wrote about my experiences on developing a Bootstrap version 3 project to be fully accessible Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 02/12/2018

PHP-FPM tuning: Using ‘pm static’ for Max Performance

Let’s take a very quick look at how best to set up PHP-FPM for high throughput, low latency, and a Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 11/29/2017

23 Development Tools for Boosting Website Performance

When dealing with performance, it’s hard to remember all the tools that might help you out during development. For that Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 11/28/2017

Case Study: Optimizing CommonMark Markdown Parser with

As you may know, I am the author and maintainer of the PHP League‘s CommonMark Markdown parser. This project has Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 11/23/2017

How to Optimize Docker-based CI Runners with Shared Package Caches

At Unleashed Technologies we use Gitlab CI with Docker runners for our continuous integration testing. We’ve put significant effort into Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 11/21/2017

How to Optimize SQL Queries for Faster Sites

This article was originally published on the Delicious Brains blog, and is republished here with permission. You know that a Continue Reading

By Kishor Parida 11/20/2017


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